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Tolako 4 Channel 5v Relay Module Board for Arduino Electronic Electricity Appliance Devices 51/AVR/ARM

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This Tolako relay module is perfect for controlling multiple electronic devices simultaneously. It offers 4 channels at 5v and is compatible with Arduino, AVR, and ARM devices. By enabling accurate, remote power control, you can optimize electricity usage and protect sensitive appliances.

  • The 5v relay module is suitable for Arduino SCM development, and home appliance control.  The module is perfect for common Arduino applications.
  • 4-CH digital relay module provides 4-CH input and output, Can connect Max. 30V/10A or AC 250V/10A devices to control electric lamps and electrical machine
  • Microcontroller development boards can be used as modules, can be used as appliance control
  • Useful to control a motor, a led strip, or any other module using Arduino. How to use it: Just connect a digital output of your Arduino to your relay module, and you can control a power-demanding appliance with the digital signal provided by your Arduino.