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Tolako Infrared Wireless Remote Control IR Kit Controller for Arduino

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Mini ultra-thin infrared remote control for Arduino, 38 KHZ infrared receiving module,

has 20 function keys, the infrared demission furthest distance up to 8 meters, very suitable for indoor control devices of all kinds.

Infrared remote control receiving module can receive standard 38 KHZ modulation signal, through the study of the programming of the Arduino, can realize the remote control signal decoding operation, which can produce all kinds of remote control robots and interactive work.

CR2025 green button battery, the capacity is 160 mAh
Launch distance: more than 8 m (concrete and the surrounding environment, the receiver sensitivity, and other factors)
The effective Angle: 60 degrees
Material: stick 0.125 mmPET, useful life 20000 times.
Stable quality, cost-effective
The static current 3-5 ua, dynamic current 3-5 mA